Is Your Law Firm Overlooking These Social Media Ethics Guidelines?
July 17, 2017
Social media is a great marketing tool, but just like every other form of advertising that law firms use, it comes with certain ethical guidelines. Br...
Plaintiff-Attorney Advertising and Its Impact on Litigation. Is It In, Or Is It Out?
February 15, 2017
Legal Advertisements and Their Impact on Litigation Legal advertising seeking persons injured by medicines, medical devices, sports helmets or ai...
What the State Bar’s New Ethics Opinion Means for Your Law Blog
February 7, 2017
  The State Bar of California’s new ethics opinion finally addresses a fuzzy issue: whether attorney blogs are considered advertising. The B...
The Building Blocks of a Business
January 11, 2017
At a recent Turnaround Management Association (TMA) Breakfast Leadership Series event, Richard G. Reinis, the CEO and General Counsel of Krispy Kreme...
Don’t Discount the Power of Door-to-Door Sales
November 23, 2016
There’s no question that online sales have exploded. Last year, 244 million people made an online purchase, and that number is expected to reach 270...
Pokemon Go gamification
Pokémon Go and the Gamification of Real Life
October 3, 2016
Now that the furor surrounding the popular augmented-reality game Pokémon Go has somewhat died down since its July release, we have a chance to step ...
The Social Media Trends You Need to Know About Now
August 23, 2016
Many people think of themselves as social media masters, but without learning about the latest social media trends, no one can hold onto that title fo...
“Engaging” Content Will Encourage Your Prospects to Say, “I Do.”
August 11, 2016
The general approach to content creation has been to create the “right” message for the “right” audience and to distribute it through the “r...
Consumer Reviews: A Powerful Cycle of Business
August 1, 2016
Reviews can play a powerful role in converting prospective clients to actual clients. When I began wedding planning, searching for my vendors among a ...
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