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Law Firm Marketing Catalyst

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Listen in: Legal Marketing Expertise for Growth-Minded Firms

Law firm marketing can be difficult – in a crowded marketplace competing against firms who often have larger budgets – how do you get your name and experience to stand out? From determining strategy and crafting the right messaging, to implementing tactics that bring the most ROI, Berbay’s legal marketing experts can help you reach potential clients and get the phone to ring. For nearly 30 years, we’ve specialized in working with law firms in a range of practice areas to create the visibility that fuels revenue growth.

Law Firm Marketing Catalyst Podcast: Insight + Ideas + Innovation

Our podcast “Law Firm Marketing Catalyst” aims to grow your bottom line through thought-provoking interviews with forward-thinking lawyers, law firm management and legal marketers who bring fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to marketing.

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Our latest must-listen episodes feature thought leaders and strategists who shed light on the tactics that are (and aren’t) working in the legal field today.

Most Recent Episodes:

Episode 115: Want to Generate Leads? Start Tracking

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why B2B companies are often underserved by traditional marketing companies and strategies What the different parts of the digital marketing funnel are, and how understanding the funnel can help you generate and convert qualified leads Why websites are still a key part of a marketing strategy How giving away […]

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Episode 110: Always Be Prepared: How Preparation Leads to Success

What you’ll learn in this episode: Why preparation is the key to a successful career in law How Daniel has won some of the largest verdicts in history, even in supposedly impossible cases How making room for creativity can lead to better case outcomes Why focusing on current clients can be more beneficial than focusing […]

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