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Law Firm Marketing Catalyst


The podcast “Law Firm Marketing Catalyst” aims to fuel revenue growth through thought-provoking interviews with forward-thinking lawyers, law firm management, and legal marketers who bring fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to marketing.

Our Most Recent Episodes:

Episode 83: The Investment that Matters the Most: Yourself

What you’ll learn in this episode: How to overcome and find opportunities during difficult times to grow your firm and keep your team calm. Why getting your head around doom and gloom is important when developing a game plan to get your firm through hard times. Why focusing on one’s “zone of genius” can help […]

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Episode 81: Legal Rankings – To Submit or Not to Submit

What you’ll learn in this episode: A breakdown of the different types of legal rankings. What red flags to look for. What factors lawyers and marketing directors should consider when deciding whether to submit for a certain legal ranking. How to leverage a ranking. What a PR firm’s role is in getting a lawyer ranked. […]

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Episode 79: Working Remote in 2020 – What Law Firms Need to Know

What you’ll learn in this episode: How law firms have changed due to COVID. What firms are doing with their office and equipment leases. Who firms should be using to negotiate their office and equipment leases. How are lawyers who were previously resistant to working remotely handling the change. What firms need to do to […]

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Episode 78: COVID Era Digital Marketing: What Law Firms Need to Know

What you’ll learn in this episode: The difference social media advertising makes on social media marketing efforts. How digital marketing strategies have changed due to the pandemic. What is the “Hollywood product” and why it is important to dress up your marketing efforts. The impact COVID has had on the influence of social media. The […]

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Episode 77: Conquer Writer’s Block – Become a More Effective Writer

What you’ll learn in this episode: The 21-minute method for conquering writer’s block. How Gary’s WordRake software edits and enhances writing. Top writing techniques for lawyers and legal marketers. About Gary Kinder: Gary Kinder is a highly acclaimed, best-selling author of narrative nonfiction, an investigative journalist, a lawyer, an inspiring speaker and a teacher who […]

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Episode 76: Establishing a Law Practice Without Walls

What you’ll learn in this episode: Benefits of going virtual and why this model is on the rise. Challenges of managing a virtual firm and what mistakes to avoid. How having a virtual office can be leveraged as a marketing tool to prospective clients. About Marcia Watson Wasserman: Marcia Watson Wasserman, founder and president of […]

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Episode 75: Integrating Technology to Systematize Business Development Efforts

What you’ll learn in this episode: How Ackert Inc.’s various platforms help lawyers, law firms and legal marketing departments systematize and track marketing and business development efforts. How to overcome resistance from lawyers and staff when integrating technology. Examples of how Ackert Inc.’s technology and consulting has moved firms forward. Trends in marketing and business […]

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