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Law Firm Marketing Catalyst


The podcast “Law Firm Marketing Catalyst” aims to fuel revenue growth through thought-provoking interviews with forward-thinking lawyers, law firm management, and legal marketers who bring fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to marketing.

Our Most Recent Episodes:

Episode 75: Integrating Technology to Systematize Business Development Efforts

What you’ll learn in this episode: How Ackert Inc.’s various platforms help lawyers, law firms and legal marketing departments systematize and track marketing and business development efforts. How to overcome resistance from lawyers and staff when integrating technology. Examples of how Ackert Inc.’s technology and consulting has moved firms forward. Trends in marketing and business […]

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Episode 74: Becoming More Competitive in the Diversity & Inclusion Arena

What you’ll learn in this episode: How SeltzerFontaine goes beyond attorney placement to consult on business strategy such as career development and billing rates. How law firms of all sizes are incorporating diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices. Why mental health diagnoses are becoming a growing part of the diversity conversation. What steps smaller […]

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Episode 73: Contrasting Legal Marketing with Investment Banking Marketing

What you’ll learn in this episode: How investment banking approaches business development differently compared to the legal industry. What brand alignment is and how it is distinct from “branding” as a whole. How to conduct a total refresh of a company’s assets to create a cohesive, unified brand experience. How the backing of an executive […]

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Episode 72: Bringing on a Legal Sales Professional at a Small Firm

What you’ll learn in this episode: How hiring a business development representative can benefit your firm. How to address pushback from your lawyers. Key traits to look for in a legal sales professional during the hiring process. Advice for smaller firms looking to hire sales professionals. About Keith Donovan: Keith Donovan is the Managing Partner […]

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Episode 71: Law Firm Succession Planning: Put a Process in Place Now!

What you’ll learn in this episode: How today’s legal environment is creating unexpected challenges for succession planning. Why it takes a minimum of five years to adequately plan for succession at a small firm. What steps to take to prepare for succession transitioning. What role legal marketing, business development and recruiting professionals play in the […]

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Episode 70: Morphing From Business Development to Sales Pro

What you’ll learn in this episode: The best way for legal marketers and business development professionals to develop frontline sales skills. How the sales process is different from a business development initiative. How small firms can make use of data and metrics in their marketing and business development. Why specializing within a particular industry creates […]

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Episode 69: Leveraging LinkedIn as a Powerful Business Development Tool

What you’ll learn in this episode: The power and networking potential of LinkedIn. Why senior lawyers are often reluctant to properly use LinkedIn. The first five action steps lawyers should start with to revitalize their LinkedIn profile. How law firm marketers and business development professionals can persuade lawyers to use LinkedIn. About Brynne Tillman: Brynne […]

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Episode 68: Legal Procurement: Understanding What the Buyer Wants to Win RFPs

What you’ll learn in this episode: How Buying Legal Council serves its members and legal marketing professionals in the area of legal procurement through advocacy, education and networking. The three key takeaways from Buying Legal Council’s conference on data-driven decision making. Why the involvement of procurement officers in the process of obtaining legal services is […]

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Episode 67: Embracing Legal Innovation and Technology

What you’ll learn in this episode: What kinds of technology and innovation tools Gabriel exposes students to in the legal innovation program. How his students are leveraging the tech knowledge gained in their future legal practice or other career paths. Why his program has been successful and received little to no pushback from faculty or […]

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