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Public Relations for Financial Firms in Los Angeles

Strategic and consistent public relations for financial firms in Los Angeles can be the difference between robust client growth and merely existing among a sea of competitors. Prospects meet with financial firms they perceive as experienced, trustworthy and successful. Crafting and executing a comprehensive financial firm public relations campaign can create the awareness and credibility you need to drive new business.

With decades of experience creating engaging content for financial, accounting, investment banking, wealth management, insurance, restructuring and turnaround management firms, Berbay’s financial firm public relations professionals will be your advocate and “package” you – your knowledge, expertise and accomplishments – in a way that intrigues the press, conference chairs and other decision-makers in your industry. While you’re helping clients with business planning, and protecting and growing their wealth, we work tenaciously to get you noticed.

Financial Service Public Relations in Los Angeles That Drives Growth

Based on our nearly 30 years of experience working with financial services firms, we know how to obtain results that make a difference for you by:

  • Increasing your visibility so that prospective clients and referral sources become familiar with your experience and expertise.
  • Reinforcing your credibility so that you are seen as the experts in your service area.
  • Creating top-of-mind awareness among prospective clients and referral sources so that they think of you first.
  • Generating new leads and referrals from qualified prospects.

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Los Angeles Public Relations for Financial Firms Begins with Messaging

The first step in results-driven public relations for financial firms in Los Angeles is messaging. It’s important to nail down your objectives by asking questions like: What are you trying to accomplish? What pillars of messaging are you trying to communicate? Who is your target audience and how is it segmented?

Our public relations experts at Berbay work closely with you to identify your goals, analyze competitors and trends, and determine your competitive advantages. From there, we create a comprehensive plan and put it into action.

Customized Public Relations for Financial Service Firms

We work with financial firm pr in Los Angeles to:

  • Make your news the news – Through the use of expertly-crafted press releases, media pitches and alerts, we generate attention for newsworthy events such as individual and firm-wide achievements, new hires, new service offerings and more.
  • Place expert articles authored by you – Bylined articles reinforce your authoritative positioning and allow you to fully control your messaging. Moreover, you’re garnering visibility among readers in your target audience.
  • Position you as an expert spokesperson – Inserting you into the news stream as an expert spokesperson will increase your visibility as a knowledgeable resource for journalists seeking ideas and commentary on current news, trends, and forecasts related to the financial services industry.
  • Generate podium placement – Allowing your prospects and referral sources to see you in action first-hand is a great way of developing business. We identify speaking and/or panel opportunities for you to showcase your expertise.
  • Get you noticed on nominations and rankings – We identify awards and rankings in your area of expertise and develop compelling nominations for your inclusion.

Leveraging Content to Create Visibility for Financial Firm PR Clients

While it’s great to be featured in the media or give a presentation to your target audience, the real power comes from maximizing the reach and impact of that content. We amplify the effect of this third-party validation by publicizing, repurposing and leveraging the news to other channels, e.g., by posting it on your website, distributing via social media and e-newsletters, incorporating it into your marketing materials and more. We also look at how we can take one topic and leverage it multiple ways, such as taking a blog and turning it into an article and/or media pitch, creating a webinar on the topic and drafting a series of social media posts.

By repackaging public relations content, we can get your expertise in front of additional prospective clients and referral sources, while extending the shelf life of your news.

Particular Knowledge in Financial Services Public Relations

As a finance professional, you champion the financial future of your clients. In the same way, we are skillful champions for those providing financial services. Working with firms and individuals across the industry, we have the knowledge necessary to develop the content crucial to your firm’s PR growth strategy, regardless of your particular area of focus.

Creating Visibility. Reinforcing Credibility. Fueling Growth.

Berbay Marketing & PR has a track record of success providing strategic PR solutions for financial firms in Los Angeles that grow their bottom line. For a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can achieve your business goals, please contact us today at (310) 405-7343 or email megan@berbay.com.

Tom Schulte, CPA, Former Managing Partner, RBZ Accountants & Business Consultants
I've been most impressed with Berbay's ability to take very complicated, raw ideas and turn them into understandable finished products. Berbay continually seeks ways to get RBZ into the public eye.
Tom Schulte, CPA, Former Managing Partner RBZ Accountants & Business Consultants
Daniel Oschin, Former Executive Vice President/Director, Real Estate Services, AFA Financial Group
The opportunities you've brought us, like the articles in Real Estate So Cal and California Real Estate Journal, are terrific, as are the opportunities to speak at industry conferences. Both have given us great exposure and are very useful as marketing tools. We very much appreciate your hard work.
Daniel Oschin, Former Executive Vice President/Director, Real Estate ServicesAFA Financial Group
"The team at Berbay took the time to understand our practice and quickly and effectively increased our visibility within key markets. I often receive phone calls from competitors complimenting us on the high exposure we're receiving – and it's largely due to Berbay's efforts."
Berbay Marketing & PR