Plaintiff-Attorney Advertising and Its Impact on Litigation. Is It In, Or Is It Out?

Legal Advertisements and Their Impact on Litigation

Legal advertising seeking persons injured by medicines, medical devices, sports helmets or airbags have saturated the airwaves and dominate cyberspace. Stephen G.A. Myers introduces, “The Impact of Plaintiffs’ Lawyer Advertising on Mass-Tort Litigation,” by telling his audience that this is no coincidence. There has been prevalent and increasing evidence of the impact of these advertisements; however, courts have been generally reluctant to allow evidence of that impact into the courtroom.

Stephen’s presentation discusses an abundance of information; the existing legal precedents on the subject and the evolution and current landscape of legal advertising. He also brings to light new information that is available on legal advertising in this age of “big data,” and the ways that defense counsel might use these data to overcome the courts’ collective reticence to allow this sort of data into evidence.

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