Videos for Businesses: Content vs. Time

Business videos make it possible to convey what a company does, showcase its employees and address clients and prospective clients in a personal yet professional way. With the continual advancement of technology, videos serve as a creative way to market your business. They are visually engaging and add depth to your website, all with the intent of increasing the conversion rate of visitors to clients. The Berbay team had a video session to keep our clients updated on the latest PR trends and address frequently asked questions. Seeing that videos can be a powerful marketing tool, below are a few tips to help you create engaging, yet content-rich videos.

  • Relevant and rich content should be the number one consideration for a business video. What are the questions clients ask you the most? What characteristics of your business set you apart from the rest? Viewers want to know more than what can be read on the website, and introducing the “behind-the-scenes” work can help create a more personal relationship with your clients.
  • The attention span of most viewers is very short. The first 15 seconds is what counts the most as it determines whether your viewer will continue watching or not. Trying to capture the essence of your video within a reasonable amount of time can be challenging. Being clear and concise in your messages is important.
  • Staying relatable, yet professional, with your video can help you connect with your viewers. Your current and potential clients want to be able to relate to you on some level, whether that be personal or professional. Small touches to show your personality, or the personality of the firm as a whole, help reveal an interesting side your clients may not know about you.

Videos can be a critical part of marketing your business. When properly executed, they make for great marketing materials and help enhance your Search Engine Optimization.

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