Tweet n’ Greet: Making Connections on Twitter

Getting your foot in the door and establishing trust with someone you’ve just met can be challenging. However, the proliferation of social media is making it easier to establish real connections in a short amount of time.

I experienced this firsthand when pitching a trend piece to the media for a client. After sending out the pitch via email and following up over the phone with no success, I turned to Twitter to try and initiate contact. I was able to find some of the reporters and editors from my list and tweeted each one of them with a condensed version of the pitch (140 characters max). To my surprise, I received two responses in 24 hours!

Using this experience as a case study, below are a few tips (140 characters or less) to consider when making new connections on Twitter:

  • Peruse the website of the organization you want to reach. Journalists will include their Twitter handle after published articles.
  • Watch for reporters tweeting for help, especially on a deadline. That’s the quickest way to strike up a relationship and serve as a resource.
  • Be the first to congratulate someone for their success by sharing a news story or commenting on a recent promotion.
  • Make sure you look the part. Others will be hesitant to communicate if your web page appears unprofessional or is lacking in posts.

The power of social media to spark connections between professionals is changing the way industries communicate. By keeping my message brief, I was able to pique interest without having to sell anyone on my story. If used correctly, Twitter can grant you the audience you seek in a way that distinguishes your story more than traditional methods of communication ever could.

-By Berbay Marketing Assistant Alex Giraldo

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