The Importance of Punctuality

Everyone knows the importance of timeliness; however, I was prompted to write this blog after a series of meetings where professionals showed up late.

We all know things happen – unexpected traffic (everyone in Los Angeles can relate), a sick child, an urgent client matter, etc. – which delays your prompt arrival, even though you had every intention of arriving on time.  Regardless of the situation, whether you are going to be 5 or 20 minutes late, an email or call to the person you are meeting will go a long way toward ensuring their understanding.

We deal with adhering to timelines on so many levels – arriving on time to a meeting, finishing a client project, responding to emails, etc. – so below are a few reasons why you should want to be on time:


  • You are dependable and keep your promises. If you tell others you will meet them at a certain time and arrive late, you are essentially breaking your promise. Punctuality equates to dependability. It shows that you know how to organize your time, manage your calendar and take care of business.
  •  You are respectful.  Time is a limited resource these days, so when you are on time, it shows that you are respectful of the other person’s time.
  • You will perform at your best.  If you are late – whether it’s because you were fighting unexpected traffic or you didn’t leave enough time for yourself – you end up stressed and anxious.  That stress and anxiety is certain to reflect on your performance in that meeting.  If you arrive a little early, it allows you to collect your thoughts, get organized and, ultimately, have a productive meeting.
  • You strengthen relationships. When you are late to a meeting, you risk hurting or ruining your relationship and oftentimes make the person feel undervalued. If you are a person who always shows up on time, it will not only strengthen your relationships but will reinforce your reputation you as a professional.

We should all pretend that we are still in high school, where if you show up late you will either get a detention or your parents will be called.  Being on time not only demonstrates that you care, but could be the differentiating factor between you and your competitor.


– By Berbay Senior Account Manager Megan Braverman

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