Wall Street Journal Turns to Megan Braverman to Discuss the Hottest Trend in Law Firm Marketing: Attorney Rankings

Principal Megan Braverman was quoted in The Wall Street Journal article, “The Hottest Field in Law? Ranking Lawyers,” discussing the ever-growing industry surrounding the rankings of lawyers and law firms, which has steadily increased over the past decade.

Currently, there are over 1,200 rankings and awards available in law-related fields, up 700 from a decade ago.

“It’s gotten out of control,” said Megan. Megan also noted that attendees cheered at a marketing conference earlier this year when a senior-in house lawyer said he didn’t care about rankings.

In most cases, the rankings and awards are more of morale boost than they are a means of acquiring new business. In a 2016 survey of general counsel by BTI Consulting Group, only 4.6% said they looked at directories first when hiring law firms, while 25% said they use the directories as a way to confirm information about new hires.

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