Megan Braverman’s Brand-Agnostic Style Catches the Attention of Los Angeles Business Journal

Senior Account Manager Megan Braverman was featured in Los Angeles Business Journal’s Executive Style section for her designer look and fashion-forward sense of style. In the article, Ms. Braverman describes her style as brand agnostic. “I don’t need to buy specific brands. Some people really love Louis Vuitton, and Louis Vuitton is really nice, but to me, I don’t need it,” she says.

Instead of relying on designer brands, Ms. Braverman trusts her gut when deciding what to wear. “It’s really more a feeling of when you look at yourself in the mirror,” she says. Her distinct sense of style doesn’t only pertain to her work attire, “Half my closet is Megan on the weekends and the other side is Megan during the week. On the left side is different, crazy shapes and colors. And the right side is much more conservative,” she adds. Though she maintains a conservative look during the week, she stays true to her own style daily.

The Los Angeles Business Journal’s Executive Style section highlights professionals with a unique sense of style that’s worth noticing.

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