From The Latest PR Trends to the Ins and Outs of Buying a Business: Megan Braverman Discusses Her Journey in a Q&A with CanvasRebel

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In an interview with CanvasRebel, Principal Megan Braverman talks about some of the biggest trends shaping the PR industry, her experience buying a business and what it takes to build a strong reputation.  

“I believe my success has come from always being prepared; never cutting corners; building my knowledge every single day; reading; making mistakes and learning from them; a lot of failures; a lot of dedication; a lot of hard work; tears; and persistence. If it isn’t hard, you’re not growing,” Megan told CanvasRebel. 

She added that Berbay’s strong reputation is “based on our experience and the results we achieve. After working with hundreds of firms, we know what it takes to create visibility and credibility, and we are very tenacious about obtaining these results. We also network fearlessly and never say no to speaking with a prospect or potential collaborator. 

Read the full interview. 

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