Making Yourself Memorable

I was recently reminded by an attorney client that there is a marketing opportunity in even the simplest of daily activities such as email. Upon following up with him regarding approval for a website blurb, I received an out of office reply:

“I am presently out of the office seeking to be shark bait on a dive trip in Barbados.  I will return May 1.  Please contact my assistant if there is any emergency, and I will follow up. My services are best before Mai Tai hour.  So, please leave messages early.”

The reply included the essentials – when he would return; who could handle issues in the interim – but took the extra step of sharing a bit of his personality. I have no doubt that this was a memorable response to every email recipient and likely not one they’d typically receive from an attorney.

What are you doing to make yourself memorable to clients?

– By Berbay Senior Account Manager Beth Miller

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