LinkedIn: What Now?

Ok, I admit it.  Although I regularly post updates on LinkedIn, I hadn’t reviewed my LinkedIn profile for quite a while.  Our account managers, who give a terrific presentation on “LinkedIn: What Now?” used my profile as an example during a talk, and sitting there, I realized that I was overdue in going back to reinvigorate my profile.

When we all first developed a LinkedIn profile, this social media platform was an unknown and we were not sure what role it would play.  You may have created a profile because everyone was telling you it was what you should do, so you logged on and filled in the blanks.   You may really not have given a lot of thought to your write-up, what key words to use that prospective clients might search on, etc.  It was more of a “Let’s just get this done.” 

Now, a few years down the line, we all know what an integral part of a professional’s marketing it’s become.   You may find it to be a valuable tool when doing research on a prospective client or referral source, or generating leads.  Even if you don’t post to it regularly, you’re probably aware that other professionals are checking out your profile.

If you haven’t revisited your profile since you first populated it, or it’s been some time since you checked it out, I’d encourage you to take another look. This time around I incorporated more key words into the headlines and descriptions of what we do, added skills and expertise, and posted links to several recent articles I published.  I intend to regularly update it to make sure it reflects who I am as a marketer today.

You can find my LinkedIn profile here:

BTW, if you’re interested in learning more about our informative and actionable presentation “LinkedIn: What Now?” please contact me at 310/405-7345 or


-By Berbay Principal Sharon Berman

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