Leveraging Your Credentials

I sat down with a prospective client, an investment advisor, to discuss marketing strategy. He told me that a large portion of his client base is attorneys, and he also receives numerous referrals from attorneys. As the conversation continued and we delved further into his background, he mentioned that he obtained his J.D. and is an active member of the State Bar. I glanced at his business card and noted that while he included the usual financial advisor titles, he didn’t include “J.D.” or “Esq.” I immediately asked why. He said he wasn’t sure; he hadn’t really thought it mattered in the financial world.

I pointed out that it’s also another way for his clients and referral sources to connect with him. If a prospective client takes note of his J.D. and inquires where he obtained his law degree, it could be that they attended the same university, and alumni ties tend to run strong.

Too, while he doesn’t directly handle legal aspects of his clients’ investments, the majority will likely appreciate – if they are aware of his legal background – that he brings this knowledge when advising on their investments.

So whether it’s a law degree, financial certification or even including organizations you’re part of, make sure you’re fully leveraging your background and expertise. You never know what will connect you with your next client.


– By Berbay Senior Account Manager Beth Miller

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