LA’s Most Inspiring Stories by VoyageLA: Featuring Principal Megan Braverman

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If you had told 21-year-old Megan Braverman she would eventually be marketing for professional service firms, she would have laughed. When you’re a creative soul, as Megan is, working for professional services firms isn’t the first thing you think of. Today, she helms a marketing and PR agency where she specializes in working with those firms and can’t imagine doing anything else.

In its “LA’s Most Inspiring Stories” series, VoyageLA featured Megan, asking her how she became Principal of Berbay Marketing & PR, about the challenges she encountered along the way and what we can expect of the marketing industry over the next decade.

Early in her career, Megan discovered that she wouldn’t have to give up her creative and artistic talents for a job in the business world. She eventually found the intersection of art and professional services and capitalized on that through her career at Berbay Marketing & PR. The Berbay team is known for its creativity in creating the visibility and credibility that fuel revenue growth for professional services firms. Megan explained, “We are proactive and big-picture thinkers, and we never stop at ‘no.’ Our team is incredibly creative. We don’t just think outside of the box; we refuse to even acknowledge the existence of a box. Our job is to recommend strategies and then implement actions that will get our clients noticed – we’re not just order takers.”

On the future of the marketing industry, Megan said: “Marketing doesn’t happen in a vacuum anymore; there’s a more holistic approach to generating business. With so many channels and ways to get your message out, the need for customizing content will be even more important as each year passes.”

She also added that, naturally, online and digital marketing will continue to expand and evolve, but some of the older methods are circling back. Everything old is new again, in this sense. Sending handwritten notes and picking up the phone and calling someone rather than sending an email are once again becoming popular communication tools.

Megan also stressed the importance of succession planning and why starting this earlier rather than later is critical. This will be a continued focus for Berbay’s work with clients in the coming years.

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