Keeping An Eye Out For New Giveaways

Typically when attending a networking event, you bring a stack of business cards to distribute to those you meet and talk with. I was surprised and delighted recently when, in addition to his business cards, an attendee brought sunglasses to hand out at a summer social organized by a professional organization.  The sunglasses looked similar to the popular Ray-Ban brand, and had the firm name and logo on the sides.  The member said that he thought of sunglasses because the event was being held outside on the roof of a restaurant, and many people would be in direct sunlight and potentially wouldn’t have their sunglasses.

This was an excellent idea for a giveaway and it showed the firm really put some thought into this.  For me, I will remember this firm more than anyone else I met at the event because of their distinctive giveaway.

What are some other ideas for giveaways that you don’t often see?


– By Berbay Senior Account Manager Megan Braverman

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