Incorporating the Golden Ratio in Logo Design

Many professional service firms struggle with designing a logo that captures the “culture of the firm” while still appealing to their target markets.  Ultimately, firms want to have a known and recognizable brand like many consumer companies, such as Apple, Toyota and Pepsi. According to the article “Golden Ratio in logo designs” there is a common thread among these logos.

The author, Saikat Banerjee, describes the Golden Ratio as based off of the number phi (φ) = 1.61803398874… discovered by Italian Mathematician Fibonacci. He examines popular brands which have used the Golden Ratio in their logos.


Brands such as National Geographic, BP, iCloud and others, have incorporated it into their logos to create balance and harmony. Whether these companies set out to incorporate it or whether it happened by chance will likely remain unknown.

With the success and familiarity of these brands, the Golden Ratio is something to consider when designing a new logo.


– By Berbay Senior Account Manager Beth Miller

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