How to Effectively Use AI, Tracking, Social Media Algorithms and Other Technology in Your Marketing

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With changing social media algorithms and the proliferation of AI, it can often feel like advances in technology are endless. Keeping on top of these ever-changing shifts can be tiresome, which is why we are here to help. Here are a few technologies you should consider in your marketing efforts.

Artificial intelligence is the future, but maybe not in the way you think. With constant chatter about AI, the Metaverse and ChatGPT, people are divided over whether this technology will transform our society or destroy it. There is also a fear that AI could eliminate the need for certain professions. Our opinion? Don’t see it as a threat but as an opportunity. Use ChatGPT to generate ideas, utilize your CRM’s automation tool to regularly communicate with your network and invest in cybersecurity AI tools to mitigate risk. All this AI talk doesn’t mean you should set up shop in the Metaverse, but you should understand it and capitalize on it.

Also, we don’t think AI will wipe out professions; clients want to hire people, not robots—no matter what technology you use, it will always need a human hand on the wheel.

A lack of tracking might be sabotaging your marketing. Too many firms fail to track marketing efforts and ROI. Poor tracking or lack of tracking can sabotage the effort, time and resources devoted to your marketing if budgets or investments get cut. The marketing team is then left with fewer resources, and the cycle continues.

All this to say, tracking the performance of your marketing is key. See our blog on lead tracking to learn more.

Video marketing is an untapped resource for law firms. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google and has a built-in, targetable audience. YouTube is also a major source of content for Google rankings. For firms that are competing for leads online, video goes a long way in maximizing online presence and increasing search rankings.

That said, using video is futile if you’re going to do it poorly. Stick to videos that are targeted, informative and useful for your audience, and keep in mind that consistency is essential.

Algorithm changes are impacting social media engagement. We’ve been following LinkedIn’s changes closely. LinkedIn’s algorithm has changed, so your strategy might need to as well. Posts that LinkedIn may consider spammy are more likely to get flagged and hidden from viewers. To avoid your posts getting blacklisted, limit yourself to using no more than five hashtags, and make sure those hashtags have a significant following. You should also stick to only tagging people you know in comments and posts. LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards engagement, so if you tag people who won’t respond (either because they don’t know you or they’re not active users), it could hurt your views.

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