LinkedIn Is Making Changes – 5 Features You Need to Know About

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LinkedIn has announced several new platform updates for 2023, which could aid in your social media marketing, recruiting and more. We’ve outlined the most beneficial features for professional services firms below, and how you can leverage each for your business.

  1. Video Accessibility

The change: Following the lead of other social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn is expanding accessibility of its content for all users by generating video captions. LinkedIn will automatically create captions for videos you upload, with the option to add or edit the captions before you click publish. Note that for now, captions are only available in English.

What you should do: Whether you’re sharing a clip from a conference speaking engagement, or brief commentary on a legal issue, posting videos on LinkedIn should be part of your content mix. With this new feature, it will be easier for someone to watch your video in public because they don’t have to turn the sound on, which will increase the likelihood of someone watching your video and further engaging with your content.

  1. Post Scheduling

The change: Going forward, when you are creating a LinkedIn post, a “Schedule” icon will appear next to the “Post” button, allowing you to select the date and time you want your content to be shared. Previously, you would need to post in real time or use a third-party scheduling platform such as Hootsuite or

What you should do: Anyone who oversees social media management knows that being able to schedule posts for future publishing is extremely helpful. Not only should this feature allow you to save time by being able to batch schedule posts, you can also schedule posts outside of regular office hours. Another benefit is being able to plan for upcoming events or holidays.

  1. Content Analytics

The change: LinkedIn expanded its creator analytics dashboard to include top-performing content and audience data – similar to Google analytics. This enables you to see what posts your followers are interested in and learn more about their demographics. The data can provide feedback that tells you the best time to share your content, the posts your followers are clicking on, if they prefer video over graphic posts, and more.

What you should do: If you are spending time and resources to create content for LinkedIn, you want to know who is engaging with your posts and how effective they are. This feedback allows you to adjust your content accordingly. Too, this data can be helpful if you are planning to run ads and want to target a particular audience. Don’t forget to activate “creator mode” to access the analytics updates.

  1. Job Search Functionality

The change: According to LinkedIn reports, people are interested in learning about job opportunities that better align with their interests and values even if they are not actively pursuing another job. This “casual” job seeker will now be able to discover personalized job collections without conducting a formal search.

What you should do: For firms recruiting, this will allow them to reach a larger number of candidates. It also allows firms to showcase themselves differently. For example, if there is something unique about your firm – you offer free childcare services or paid time off to do community service – you can use this feature to highlight the benefit. Of note, LinkedIn is testing this update with a few industries, but has plans for rapid expansion.

  1. Business Product Research

The change: There are nearly 90,000 B2B products on LinkedIn, such as CRM and payment processing software, and it will be easier to find them by using the recently launched Product Pages. This search function will enable professionals to explore products, get feedback from community experts and make a more informed purchase. LinkedIn will be adding new category filters soon and continuing to enhance the search experience. Check out the new Product Pages here.

What you should do: If you are selling a product, there are infinite ways you can take advantage of LinkedIn’s new product pages.

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