Google’s Enhanced AdWords Campaign

For all of you Google AdWords users out there, Google has recently announced improvements to their AdWords, which they call “Enhanced Campaigns”. Since people are always connected via different devices – computers, iPads, iPhones, tablets, etc. – Google has created enhanced software that allows you to easily adjust your bids, ads and campaigns through alternative devices. There are many useful features that you may want to explore and we’ve highlighted a few below:

Mobile bidding. As part of your campaign, your ad appears on every type of device automatically. However, Google’s enhancements now allow you to adjust your ad position and bids for desktop vs. mobile devices. This influences what segment of your clients and costs are devoted to computers, mobile phones or other devices.

Call extensions. Because most of us are using our iPhones to search for businesses or services, the enhanced campaign will grant users the option to select the ad and continue to a webpage or just call the business directly.

Google’s enhanced AdWords continues to help customize your campaign in ways you never thought possible. To learn more about these enhancements, view the article published by Google:


-By Berbay Senior Account Manager Megan Braverman

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