The Future of Law Firm Websites: Social Media

The New York Times lost 80 million homepage visitors in just two years. That’s half of the traffic to the website. This statistic, reported by Above the Law, says a lot about the evolution of the homepage and what this means for law firm websites.

More prospects and clients are browsing websites as a result of redirection from third-party social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs and Google searches, rather than by visiting the page directly when searching specific content on the site. How often a law firm’s website is viewed and what people view on the site is ultimately controlled by what is being linked and shared on social media.

For instance, website bios are taking a backseat to LinkedIn profiles since a networking platform is provided for convenience. We have also seen law firms integrate social media activity on their homepages, allowing for discovery and following lawyers on a personal level. Looking ahead, this means that an effective social media presence will prove to be critical for law firm websites.

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