Not Getting the Chambers and Partners Ranking You Want? Here’s How.

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Disappointed in Your Chambers Ranking (Or Lack of One)? Lists and rankings of law firms have become ubiquitous, with some being more credible, prestigious, and sought-after than others. Chambers and Partners is among those at the top because they have built a reputation for their high degree of selectivity with only 2% of U.S. law firms getting […]

What’s Trending in Legal Marketing: Insights from the LMA 2024 Conference

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The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) 2024 Annual Conference went ALL IN on the latest innovative strategies and best practices to drive successful outcomes and differentiate your firm in the industry. If you couldn’t attend, we’ve got you covered with the essential takeaways you need to know. Improving Lawyer Collaboration In the session “The Neuropsychology of Bad […]

How Much Money Should You Spend on Your Marketing?

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The million-dollar question: “How much money should I spend on my marketing?” Ah yes, the age-old conundrum that keeps business owners and marketing leaders up at night. It’s the riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, sprinkled with a touch of the unknown. The perfect marketing budget is also never finalized, but rather it’s […]

How Different Generations Consume News and the Impact on Marketing Strategies

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Americans have a strong appetite for news consumption, but how and when how they get their news varies greatly across generations. Understanding how different age groups seek out news can be beneficial for professional service firms looking to get in front of new markets or stay engaged with a particular audience. We have analyzed the […]

What to Know Before Rebranding Your Firm

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If you’re reading this, it means our team survived The Great Berbay Rebrand of 2023 – a complete redesign of our logo and website. Now that we made it to the other side, we decided to share all the lessons we learned along the way. So, if you’re considering biting the bullet and redesigning your […]