Your Marketing Starts with Your Reception Area

What does marketing have to do with your reception area? Simply put, everything. Have you ever decided against returning to a doctor’s office because their staff was sub-par or the office environment was uninviting? We’ve all been in this situation and it leaves a bad taste in our mouth. Even if we do continue seeing the same professional, we may leave frustrated each time because of the experience.

How a Quality Reception Area Helps with Your Marketing Goals

A waiting room, or the person who answers the phone, is the first contact your firm has with a potential client or current client, and you should view it as a marketing opportunity—an opportunity to make a great first impression, and an opportunity to communicate your brand and values through subtle touches and attentive service. This initial greeting can increase their confidence in your firm—or, worse, make them think twice about working with you at all.

Below are tips on how to use your reception area to its fullest potential.

Have a Friendly Face

The potential client’s greeting is perhaps the most crucial part of your first impression. That person – whether by phone or in-person – is a very special role. This person should be warm, friendly and always inviting. To create this inviting atmosphere, offer the person water or something else to drink, show them where the bathrooms are, provide them with Wi-Fi and ensure that they are seen on time. If being on time is out of their control, the staff member should be transparent about exactly how long the visitor will be waiting.

The Reception Area Should Reflect What You Do

Your reception area should convey your firm’s practice and brand. For example, if you are a corporate law firm, your clients will probably be impressed by an elegant reception with sparkling water. If you are a family law firm, consider making the reception area homier, perhaps with small toys or packets of crayons on hand to give to children. Think of what your potential client would be most comfortable with. Whatever your reception area looks like, it should reflect your firm’s brand and values.

Communicate via Marketing Materials

Display your company name and logo where it makes sense without being a distraction. Provide reading material, such as brochures and newsletters, that highlight your services and success stories. Have business cards easily accessible. Some law firms with concrete mission statements have them displayed as art on the walls. There are numerous ways to create subtle communication points without being over the top.

Keep the Environment Neutral

TVs should be set to something non-political. Music should be instrumental. The color palette can be tailored to align with your brand’s colors, but make sure to keep it relatively neutral—no fire-engine red walls, for example. Plants and water features can also create a relaxing ambiance.

Designated Area for Packages

Figure out a spot for all package deliveries that won’t be viewable to clients and guests. Avoid a cluttered appearance while letting all employees know where they can find their packages. A cluttered office looks like the firm is disorganized and perhaps unreliable.

Create the Same Virtual Experience.

Keep in mind your virtual receptionist is equally important, regardless of if you are fully virtual or hybrid. With software like Zoom, DocuSign, and Dropbox all part of the mainstream now, it’s easier than ever to discuss case updates and share documents without needing to come into the office. Just be sure their experience is as professional as it would be if they were meeting you in person.

For Zoom, have an inviting, clean background. Don’t have piles of papers next to you, notifications buzzing or other distractions during your meeting. If you’re taking the Zoom from home and don’t have a true office, utilize one of the template backgrounds. Be on time for the meeting and dress as you would if you were in front of the prospect. If your receptionist or assistant is coordinating the meeting, follow the usual procedures – send detailed information and confirm everything in advance.

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