You Are Not Who I Thought You Were

Let’s face it. Aging isn’t always fun. Our hair turns gray or falls out, we develop wrinkles, and our health begins to deteriorate. That is life, and there is no way around it.

The online world often serves as a platform for older professionals to portray a younger version of themselves because of the privacy it provides. Understandably so, older professionals believe that a potential client might be turned off by their age, thus passing them up to find a younger professional. We’ve worked with several lawyers, accountants and real estate professionals who have opted to keep a headshot up on social media or company website that is egregiously outdated, refusing to have a photo taken that accurately reflects them.

What happens when the client does actually hire you and realizes that you are nothing like the picture portrayed on your website and LinkedIn? It’s almost like a bait and switch, which can be a major turnoff for clients.

It’s important as a player in the online world that you are transparent, which means portraying an accurate version of yourself. Our advice? Get your headshot updated!

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