How to Write a Great LinkedIn Summary

LinkedIn is considered the social media platform extraordinaire for business professionals. Studies have shown that the summary is the second part of your profile that visitors look at—right after they see your picture. Therefore, it’s worth taking the extra time to make sure your summary doesn’t sound similar to the previous lawyer they looked at. So what makes a great LinkedIn summary? Below are a few tips I picked up in a recent TED-talk at the Legal Marketing Association’s Tech Conference.

1. Market specifically; practice generally. While it’s great to list every single practice area that you have experience in, realistically, no one is looking for a generalist. Prospective clients are looking for lawyers with a specialty. Focus on your top three areas and expand on what you have done in those areas that is spectacular.

2. Don’t copy and paste your website bio. Being a social network, it helps to portray yourself in a “social” way—similar to how you would introduce yourself in person. Additionally, refrain from talking about yourself in the third person.

3. Add some personality in your profile. Clients hire people, not firms. It’s important to show that you have a life outside of the law practice. For example, let us know if you’re part of a motorcycle club composed of a bunch of lawyers and judges—it will make you stand out in a sea of other lawyers with the same focus.

4. Utilize the media feature. LinkedIn has given users the option to add up to 10 media entries under the summary section. Media can include educational infographics you’ve created for your practice area, links to helpful resources, FAQ videos, etc. It’s visually stimulating and will engage your profile visitors.

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