Wrapping the Substance in Sizzle

Marketing a professional services firm depends a great deal on packaging, and almost everyone has a story to tell whether they realize it or not. Lately, we’ve talked with several law and other professional services firms who had some terrific material to “package,” but had not taken advantage of it. As we assessed their situation and goals, we saw that their skilled professionals had many years of experience with a track record of success, but neither their websites nor their marketing materials showcased their accomplishments. No doubt once these professionals meet with prospective clients in-person, they can demonstrate their expertise, but without packaging what they have to sell, they decrease the potential for these opportunities.

What I mean by packaging is taking the “material” you have to work with (court victories, negotiating challenging settlements, transacting complex deals, etc.) and presenting it in a way that lets prospective clients understand quickly that you’re the go-to expert. Packaging can take several forms, such as press releases about lawsuits filed, blurbs announcing new board positions or case studies detailing completed deals. You can also discuss pertinent information in your blog or talk about it on social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Essential prerequisites for packaging are an up-to-date biography that reflects recent achievements, not just stale ones from years ago, and a fresh website that features consistent, up-to-date news about your professionals’ work.

The idea is not to place sizzle over substance, but rather wrapping the substance in sizzle. Isn’t it time to light your fire?

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