Working with In-House Counsel: Tips for Partners

In this series of blogs, I’ve been sharing insights on working with in-house counsel based on advice provided by a in-house counsel panel at a Los Angeles Intellectual Property Law Association. This blog shares a few more tips the panel provided for partners who want to create and maintain effective working relationships with in-house counsel.

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    • In-house counsel want certainty and solidity. Tclick herehey find it unsettling to work with firms that break up every few years and regroup, so build a solid infrastructure and a platform that allows you to showcase your leadership and superior work. A team of lawyers that has worked together multiple times represents great strength.


    • Know the chain of reporting at the client’s organization. Don’t go over somebody’s head.


    • Be sensitive to in-house counsel’s and their internal clients’ time. Come to the point immediately in interviews and depositions. Responding to emails and phone calls quickly every single time demonstrates you’re dependable and solidifies the relationship.


    • Become familiar with the client’s business. Read the annual report.


    • Inform in-house counsel of any positive rulings—not just on the case you’re handling for them, but any other matters of relevance.


  • Make sure that in all your work you exemplify the distinguishing factors that go beyond expertise—trustworthiness, competence and a personable attitude.

By providing a positive experience every single time, substantively through proficient work and administratively through unfailing follow-up, clear communications and transparent invoices, you can build a long-term, harmonious, productive and profitable relationship with in-house counsel.

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