Without Reasoning, Rankings can Rankle

If you are a lawyer, I will go out on a limb and predict that you feel bombarded with weekly or even daily solicitations that seem cheesy, weird or crass.

I spoke with an attorney last week who was rankled by the emails that promise to list her as a “Super Lawyer,” “Best Lawyer,” or one of the “Top 10 Lawyers.” She routinely hits the delete button as soon as the offers appear. This attorney works in a small firm and considers the whole idea of rankings demeaning.

At Berbay, we take these solicitations in stride, mostly because we receive just about every one ever invented. Over time, this constant wave of information about “Best Of” directories, electronic medallions and the like has allowed us to discern which are legitimate and worthwhile and which to avoid. (We do ignore those that charge thousands of dollars to be included in the exclusive lists.)

In the case of the attorney I was speaking with, she described the most recent query she received and I suggested she take a second look. One reason is that her competitors have embraced some of the “Best Of” rankings and posted them on their own websites. That could give them an advantage among consumers browsing through multiple attorney websites.

For consumers who are not often in the market for a professional services firm and who might not be confident in their own shopping skills, a subdued boast – embodied by a badge of excellence – can level the playing field and ensure that your business gets the best opportunity to show you are the right choice.

The solution for you is not to ignore every solicitation but to choose which fit you best.

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