Who’s Reading This Anyway?

Do you spend a lot of time writing content for your blog and think no one is reading it? Do you have a LinkedIn profile and are convinced that no one is looking at it?

According to a study referenced at the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference, 67 percent of General Counsel use LinkedIn in their hiring decision when considering outside counsel and 43 percent of General Counsel said blogs have an influence on them. The General Counsel panel said that blogs not only demonstrate expertise but also show a willingness to educate, which they find very valuable.  In terms of a blog, General Counsel look for short, concise information that is timely and focused and provides hyperlinks to additional information.

So, if you’ve considered starting a blog or haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile in years, it may be a good time to consider how these platforms can work to your advantage and put you ahead of the competition.

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