Which Social Media Platform is Best for Law Firms?

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It’s easy to think that your firm must have a profile on every major social media platform to be successful, but the truth is, you don’t. Finding out where your target audience spends their time is the first step in establishing a presence and cultivating relationships with potential clients or referral sources. Each social media platform has its own niche – here’s a breakdown of the best ones for law firms:

Facebook – Facebook is the most dynamic of the platforms, with the ability to leave reviews, post announcements, share locations, etc. It is best for law firms with a general practice geared toward consumers. For example, personal injury law firms.

LinkedIn – Think of LinkedIn as the platform for professionals. This platform has a multitude of features including “Groups,” which allows you to connect with even more people in your field, and “Question and Answer,” which allows you to respond to questions related to your field of expertise. LinkedIn is a platform for all lawyers, especially those that get their business from referral sources, e.g., other lawyers, professionals, etc. It’s no surprise that LinkedIn also ranks high in search engines and is often the first result on Google when someone is searching for a firm or lawyer. 

Twitter – Home of real-time conversations and a fast-paced news cycle. The platform allows you to connect with industry leaders and prominent journalists in seconds. Twitter is best for law firms who want to be part of timely conversations and be the first to comment on news. Try following a few hashtags to keep a pulse on the latest trending topics.

Instagram – This online scrapbook is perfect for showcasing your law firm’s culture and can be a recruiting tool. The key to having a successful account is uploading creative graphics and high-quality images. Make sure to include the appropriate hashtags that allow people to find you on the Explore page.

Now that you’ve decided which platform suits your audience, it’s time to set up those profiles. Create a strategic game plan on how often you publish, where to publish, what to publish and why.

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