What Makes a Case Marketable?

Litigation can be complicated, difficult to follow and fraught with legal jargon for marketers. The Legal Marketing Association’s (LMA) Los Angeles Chapter held their “Law School for Marketers: Litigation” program on Tuesday, October 20, which offered insight on how legal marketers can effectively act as translators between lawyers and their constituents – whether they are clients, recruits or the press.

So how do legal marketers do just that?

A solid understanding for commonly used industry terms is a must. It is also imperative for you to understand not only who your client is and what they do, but what industries they serve in order to learn that industry’s “speak”. This will not only build the relationship between the firm and the marketing team, it will establish trust. By doing so, you can effectively determine the appropriate media audience, as well as the client cases that are indeed marketable.

So what kind of case is marketable?

  • The first of its kind.
  • A hot industry topic.
  • A high-profile case.
  • High stakes.
  • Novel lawyering.
  • Unusual case facts.
  • The case resulted in policy change.
  • The case challenged state/federal law.
  • The results affect the population at large.

The panel included: Russell Sauer, Co-Chair of the Los Angeles Litigation Department with Latham & Watkins; Morgan Crowder, Practice Development Coordinator with JAMS; and Shauna L. West, Competitive Intelligence Specialist with Nossaman LLP.

By truly understanding your client and commonly used industry terms, legal marketers can bridge the gap between complicated litigation and effective legal marketing.

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