Wedding Bells: The Importance of a Follow-Up for the Big Day

In an industry with more event vendors than I am convinced there is work for, how do you find the perfect fit for one of the most important days of your life? You want someone who is reliable, reasonably priced and who you will enjoy working with.

When I began planning my wedding less than five months ago, I was completely taken aback by the number of vendors in every category – from DJs to caterers and beyond. I started by obtaining referrals from friends, using online wedding planning tools, such as The Knot, and of course social media sites, like Yelp. I narrowed down my vendors to three in each category and from there took the next steps, which included in-person meetings and detailed phone calls.

One thing that really struck me was the complete lack of follow-up demonstrated by some of the vendors. I understand that they receive countless inquiries that might not pan out, and maybe that impedes them from going the extra mile to attract new clients. However, my ultimate test for the vendors was whether or not they followed up with me. It’s a large part of my job; therefore, I am a huge advocate of it. If someone didn’t follow up with me, they were immediately crossed off my list. I didn’t have time to chase people down, and, after all, they should be the ones trying to get my business.

One potential photographer really sticks out to this day. We met at her studio for more than an hour. She prepared a tailored brochure for us and we discussed a lot of details. When I left that day, I never heard from her again. Not even a “thanks for the meeting” text message. I hadn’t spent that much time on any vendor and it irked me that I didn’t warrant follow-up. I wanted to book her services, but as the days and the weeks passed, nothing. It’s crossed my mind to write a Yelp review or send her an email.

In the end, I wound up with a great group of vendors who have been tremendous in responding to me quickly and pushing things along. It’s amazing how a little follow-up can go a long way, especially in the professional event services industry.

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