Websites for the Mobile Generation

Your firm’s website is one of your most powerful marketing vehicles. Purchasers of your services will often visit your website prior to contacting you either to obtain additional information or to validate the competency of your firm. But what if that prospect can’t access your website or the information on it because it’s not mobile friendly? You will lose that potential client and they will look elsewhere.


According to a recent study, by 2015, 40 percent of all website traffic will come from mobile visitors. It is critical to be thinking about the diverse devices that people are using—whether it’s from Apple or Android, and whether it’s a tablet, laptop, phone or iPad. Depending on the device, your website will display differently and could potentially turn off visitors if it doesn’t display the way it should.


Google recently endorsed a responsive design technology that repackages and resizes every page of your website so that it will display properly regardless of the device being used.


The time to be thinking about this is now. The iPad generation and devices will only continue to advance, and if firms aren’t being proactive in responsive web design, they will be left in the dust.

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