Want More People to Actually Read Your E-Newsletter? Here Are Some Easy Ideas

Many e-newsletters talk about firm members’ promotions, they brag about new client relationships, new deals…they’re a litany of “me, me, me all the way home.”

To get your clients and prospective clients to read your e-newsletter and actually look forward to receiving it, you need to write about what’s of value to THEM.  Q&As are actually quite effective in creating value as you can establish a scenario that many can relate to and then answer the issue presented with informative, tangible and actionable information.

When writing articles, pick subject matter your audience can relate to and that will interest them.  Keep the article short and sweet and end it with a call to action such as “to learn more” or “ask us how” and refer them to an email address or phone number of an associate  with whom they can receive more information.  This not only demonstrates your expertise and the added value you provide, it humanizes your firm and makes it more approachable which is always good in developing client relationships.

Lastly, name your e-newsletter so that it will always appear in the subject line of your email.  As your audience starts looking forward to receiving it, seeing the name will help differentiate your e-newsletter from the clutter of all the other emails in their in-box.

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