The Legal Marketing Association (LMA) recently published a blurb in their newsletter highlighting hard data from a LexisNexis whitepaper, “How Today’s Consumers Really Search for an Attorney.”

Here are a few highlights from the report on how consumers use the internet to find attorneys:

  • About 76 percent of adults looked to hire an attorney in 2012, all of which used online resources at some point in the process.
  • Potential clients do not start by meeting with a particular lawyer, but instead by researching the legal issue.
  • Legal forums are the second-most popular online option when researching the issue, just behind search engines. One-third of clients started their search in an online legal forum.
  • Facebook is the top social medium that consumers use to find a lawyer.
  • Around 31 percent of those seeking an attorney used online directories that have client ratings and peer reviews.

Keep in mind that this survey does not apply to all types attorneys.  For example, it might be most relevant to a consumer searching online for a personal injury attorney to handle a dog bite case.

What else do you think consumers are doing online to find an attorney?