Available Now: “Transitioning From Service Partner to Rainmaker” Webinar

More than 60 professionals tuned in to our most recent webinar, “Transitioning From Service Partner to Rainmaker,” demonstrating how high a priority it is.

We had several requests for the recorded webinar and slides audio, which you can find at the link below.

If you want to create your own spotlight, then listen to this thought-provoking webinar now, which discusses:

  • Gaining buy-in and support from the current rainmaker(s).
  • Creating a brand that showcases and differentiates you.
  • Identifying market gaps that point to opportunity.
  • Igniting your passion for marketing.
  • Developing a realistic and actionable plan to move forward.


If you’d like to talk about developing your personal path from service partner to rainmaker, please contact us at berman@berbay.com or 310/405-7345.

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