Are You Undermining Your Brand?

Marketing and branding isn’t limited simply to those activities we do to keep our name in front of clients and prospects; everything we do as professionals should serve to strengthen and reinforce our brand. Could you be unintentionally undermining your brand through something as simple as the way you dress or your email address? It’s a distinct possibility.

My sister and I are currently visiting different assisted living facilities in order to choose one for our elderly mother. All of the facilities we’ve visited have been acceptable; we’ve liked some more than others, but in general, all seem to offer similarly decent standards of care and cleanliness. Yet one facility we visited stood out for all the wrong reasons.

The representative who gave us a tour of the grounds was dressed in a way that completely undermined her brand. Her manner of dress was unprofessional, sloppy and careless, and it made me question whether the facility she represented could actually provide the level of care, attention and professionalism that she claimed. It was an excellent reminder of the fact that the way you present yourself can either strengthen and reinforce, or completely destroy the brand you’ve worked to create.

Another assisted living facility similarly undermined its credibility simply by using an @aol email address. Again, the impression I was left with was skepticism: How can I trust your facility to take care of my elderly parent when you’re using an email service provider that is hopelessly outdated?

Remember, your brand is more than just words, more than a slogan, brochure or website. Everything you do plays into the impression you make on the public. Don’t risk undermining what you’ve worked so hard to create.

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