Top 5 Marketing Apps for Legal Professionals

Everyone is on their mobile devices these days. So we’ve prepared a list of downloadable apps, or applications that real estate, financial and legal professionals might want to explore — not only to make your life a little easier (i.e. multitasking, managing time efficiently and staying organized), but also to keep you on the forefront of the best apps available for professionals.

  • Pipedrive — Legal professionals, as well as those in the real estate and financial sectors, are able to keep track of prospective clients, other contacts and outreach all in one place. Currently, Pipedrive has more than 3,500 users around the world.
  • Prezly — Media coverage helps position you as an expert in your field and aids branding and name recognition efforts. Prezly is an app that makes pitching, publishing and disseminating your press releases easy. You can create press rooms, share information via social media, increase search engine optimization rankings and send large files with the click of a button. Through their unique analytics, you’re also able to track your press releases, not to mention schedule when releases are to publish.
  • — Need some creative inspiration? helps you organize your thoughts visually. Through a pin board interface, you are able to use sticky notes, images, links and videos to express your thoughts and ideas. Also, you’re able to collaborate with co-workers and track their suggestions.
  • SlideRocket — This presentation app incorporates an innovative approach to business communications. Through SlideRocket, you’re able to import PowerPoint presentations and include web resources from YouTube and Flickr. You also can use plug-in functionalities from Twitter and Yahoo! This way, your data remains fresh and current. Co-workers are able to collaborate on the presentation and track their changes. With SlideRocket, you’re able to present via your mobile devices seamlessly.
  • Hootsuite — Social media has become one of the key marketing vehicles for legal professionals and others. Hootsuite allows you to manage all social profiles in one place. You can schedule posts ahead of time and receive detailed analytic reports regarding the effectiveness of your posts and campaigns.

These are only a few of the apps out there that can help keep you organized. Many are free to use. These marketing tools can have a positive impact on your business.

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