Three Secrets of a Successful Email Marketer

Email marketing is an ever-evolving tool to reach your target audience. Constant Contact presented the webinar “Three Secrets of a Successful Marketer” to remind us of the basics in obtaining outstanding results from email marketing campaigns.

Secret # 3

Use brand recognition to increase your open rate. Remember strong brand recognition and consistency is key to increasing engagement.

Statistics show:

• 64% of recipients won’t open emails when they don’t recognize the sender
• 61% of recipients won’t open emails because the subject was not interesting or relevant

Effective emails are branded with a logo, slogan, contact information, similar appearance as previous emails (if applicable), call-to-action, and social media buttons.

Secret #2

Hone in on your target audience by taking into account demographics, such as product/service offered, location, age/gender and subject matter.

Statistics show a 39% increase in opens when the campaign is targeted.

Secret #1

Always optimize your reports by looking at opens, click and forwards rates, and send future e-mails based on past results. Track engaged contacts to build loyalty and increase opens create new lists based off this information.

The last and most important tip is to reward openers by providing exclusives such as discounts, special resources or downloadable white papers. Great email marketers anticipate both positive and negative results, keeping in mind that the target audience determines the success of emails.

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