The Psychology Behind Good Web Design and Client Behavior

In order to increase the influence you have on your client’s mindset, you need to employ psychologically-conscious design in your website. This means providing subtle design cues, which can mean all the difference in conversion rates and developing repeat clients. Creating a sense of urgency and security should be a goal in crafting a successful website design and marketing strategy. Potential clients need to feel that they need the services you’re offering now, and that they are making a smart and safe decision. Below are a few of these website design cues that will influence clients to make the decision to stick with your service.

Color psychology will reinforce the impression a client has of your service. Since people have highly emotional reactions to colors, you can influence how they feel about what you have to offer, and how quickly they make the decision to purchase. For example, discount retail stores often use inflammatory colors like red, orange, and yellow to invoke a sense of urgency in clients decision before a contract ends so they don’t have to spend more money later.

Easy Navigation
It is of tantamount importance to make sure your website is easy to use, and to make purchasing as easy as possible. The least computer savvy people need to be able to navigate your website and understand your service as quickly and easily as possible.

Strong copywriting is a powerful conversion tool. A good call to action will turn a visitor into a client, and certain words such as “guaranteed” and “security” will make clients feel safe in their purchase decisions.

These subtle marketing tweaks have proven to have a great influence over your target market’s mindset. By doing so, you actively influence and guide their decisions while on your site. It’s a little psychology that professional services firms may want to consider when converting visitors into leads.

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