The Power of Mentorship

At a thinkLA sponsored event, advertising professional Lisa Tanner expressed the importance of finding a mentor in the beginning stages of your career.

Mentors not only offer a wealth of knowledge pertaining to their own career path, but can also offer feedback and perspective on projects you are currently working on. A mentor can help you reach decisions, think outside of the box, establish goals and, ultimately, develop your skills.

Before finding a mentor, you should identify your personality type, skill-set, weaknesses and long-term career goals. Once you determine these things, finding someone who is the right fit and whose goals align with yours will be easier. This may be someone who has a career path that interests you, or someone who has similar lifelong objectives.

It is also beneficial to find a mentor who has a parallel skill-set to your own. This way, you can recognize if the career you have in mind is an appropriate fit. To receive the full benefits of the mentorship, shadowing your mentor can help you identify ways to effectively communicate and prioritize, ultimately leading to more success in your current position and beyond.

When you land yourself a dream position due to your mentor’s guidance, don’t forget to share the love! Engaging in a mentorship is mutually beneficial. A mentee can help you reinvigorate your passion for your career and provide fresh takes on how to do what you have done for years.

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