The Marketing Melting Pot: Every firm member has a role to play in marketing

As Independence Day, America’s greatest holiday, comes and goes, we are reminded of all the freedoms we have. America is truly a melting pot of different people, styles and theories all mixed together.

The same can be said for professional services firms, where you have varying levels of expertise, ideas and beliefs melded together to make up the culture of a firm. Everyone is working together as one to advance the firm, whether it is a law firm, accounting firm or real estate company. With that said, it’s important that all professionals within a firm understand that they can play a vital role in marketing.

Here are five ways that marketing can be applied to every professional’s role:

  1. Everyone has a client – While not everyone within a firm is servicing the external client, we are all servicing someone, whether it be a coworker or boss. This is known as an “internal client.” The way we service internal clients has a direct impact on the way external clients are serviced. No matter who your client is, the work is equally important.
  2. The devil is in the details – Not everyone plays an obvious direct role in bringing in new business to the firm. When it comes to service standards these days, the bar is extremely high. Good service may go without remarks because it is expected. However, when the quality of service doesn’t meet the bar, it will be apparent. Paying extra attention to the little details, such as ensuring documents are pristine, can have a huge impact on the client’s experience.
  3. Become knowledgeable about all areas of the business– While you might work exclusively in real estate, take time to get to know the employment practice so you can understand and listen for the triggers when you are out in the world. No matter your role, everyone within a firm can benefit from familiarizing themselves with all of the services offered.
  4. Tell a story – How many times have you been asked, “So, what do you do?” If your response is generic, such as, “I work at an accounting firm,” it’s time to dig a little deeper. Think about how you want people to remember you on the chance they want to refer business to your firm. An alternative to the generic might be, “I work at an accounting firm that helps small businesses plan for the future.”
  5. Marketing and business development is a portable skill – No matter where you go in your career, marketing and business development is an expertise that can be taken and used anywhere. It’s a skill that gives you confidence not only in the workplace, but also in your personal life.

With these ideas in mind, each person within a professional services firm can be equipped to play a role in marketing the firm.

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