Pitching an article to media can be tricky. No matter how great your article may be, it will never get picked up if you don’t have a solid pitch to support it. And the key to a great pitch lies in knowing your audience. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is my pitch relevant to the publication I’m targeting? Make sure your article is in line – both tonally and topically – with the media outlet you’re approaching. Pitching an article about the real estate market to a magazine that caters to litigators is a waste of your time, and will make you look lazy and unprofessional. If your pitch is on target, you stand a much better chance of actually building a relationship with that website or publication, even if they pass on your current pitch
  2. Does my pitch offer exclusive information or a unique perspective on a hot topic? You want to offer something new, not a straightforward rehash of a story that everyone has already heard. Establishing the credibility of your facts and experts is important, but so is clearly identifying the angle that will make your article stand out.
  3. Have I delivered my pitch in a way that is both concise and respectful? It may be tempting to pitch your article again and again if you don’t hear back, but doing so is a sure way to alienate your media contacts! Instead, create a clear, concise and intriguing pitch and send it via a brief email or direct message on social media. If you’ve done your job, your pitch will stand out – no need for repeated attempts.