The Human Element in Business Marketing

One of the main marketing breakthroughs of 2015 has been realizing the human element in Business to Business (B2B) marketing, which entails looking past the “business to business” label, and recognizing that the “Bs” in B2B are people too. It is important to view marketing from your client’s perspective, because even with all the changes happening this year, the main things that will unite different tactics and technologies are common goals and common ground. Therefore, public relations and marketing firms are approaching B2B marketing in a more client-focused way.

Marketing in general is geared toward the individual, which means Business to Business and Business to Consumer marketing will blend together. For example, when listening to Pandora, Spotify, or iHeartRadio on your phone, all of the advertisements will be personally tailored to your interests and location, based upon information gathered from inquiries you made in search engines. If you are researching that new car you want to buy online, don’t be surprised if you begin to see banner ads regarding sales at local dealerships.

The new marketing phrase, born this year, is BP2BP, or Business PERSON to Business PERSON (emphasis on the person). This re-branding of B2B marketing comes with the realization that businesses do not make purchase decisions, people do.

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