The Five S’s of Successful Web Design in 2015

You don’t have to run a marketing firm to know how to design your professional service website, but it is helpful to keep on top of current trends. With consumers drifting away from desktop computers to more convenient, interactive mobile devices, it is important to design your website with the below trends in mind. Here are five catchy and memorable “S’s” to keep in mind when designing your website.

    1. Simplicity

Simple layouts without a lot of clutter are easier to load and navigate on your phone or tablet. Simplified websites don’t have a lot of text, but have high quality images to illustrate your point. A picture speaks a thousand words, and as a society, we are more likely to respond positively to an image than to a bunch of emotionless text.

    1. Size

Nowadays, because there are so many devices of different sizes we can use to access information on the Internet, it is important to craft a website that is responsive to all system capabilities.

    1. Scrolling 

Since the majority of people are using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, it gets frustrating when users have to constantly click a button to load the next page. With long scrolling sites, a small amount of information is shown at first, but with a quick swipe of a finger, new information is constantly loading without having to think much about it.

    1. Sharpness 

One of the latest trends, called “Parallax Scrolling,” creates an intriguing 3D effect. This attractive design option involves making the background of the website move more slowly than the foreground, adding depth and sharpness to it. Here is an example of a creative parallax site, which was created for the movie “Life of Pi.”

    1. Storytelling 

No matter what design strategies you choose to implement in your website, be sure start with research on your target market. It will provide incredible insight as to what your potential customers will respond best to, and will greatly improve your chance of gaining conversions.

You want your website to tell your firm’s story, which you can do not only through content, but through design elements, layout and navigation. The more visual and interactive your site is, the more people can connect with your story, and get a positive impression of your business.

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