The Battle of Local v. National Media: Why Local Can Sometimes Yield Better Results

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When we ask clients or prospective clients what outlets they’d like to see themselves in, national media outlets often rank at the top of the list. Clients consider national media the crème de la crème. While national media attention is a worthy goal, don’t overlook the power of coverage by local media. Depending on your news story and target audience, local media could give you the return on investment you seek from a public relations campaign – visibility, new business and increased recognition. If you’re not convinced, below are the benefits to consider:

  • Local news gets you in front of the right audience.

    While national publications certainly have better circulation numbers to boast, local media provides a more targeted and well-defined audience. We’ve all heard the phrase “more is not necessarily better,” and in this case, more eyes on your firm don’t necessarily mean it’s the right eyes. Too, if you work with clients only in your state or regional area, local media makes even more sense for your marketing strategy.

  • Local news can be easier to secure.

    That’s not to say it’s easy to get, but if your story has a direct tie to the local or greater community, then pitching local reporters will be a much easier sell. When pitching national media, you’re competing with global news stories and oftentimes, that takes precedence over the news you have to offer. For national press, your story has to break through a lot more clutter.

  • Local news has search engine optimization benefits.

    Local SEO aims to increase the visibility of local businesses in search engine results, location pages and online maps. It’s a vital part of marketing, and local news stories can drive traffic to your website and boost your SEO efforts.

When it comes to obtaining the visibility your story deserves, targeting local media can be the more strategic choice. This doesn’t discount the credibility that appearing in national media can bring. In an ideal world, you’d have the right mix of both national and local press, and always tie it back to your firm’s larger marketing goals.

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