The 75-Year-Old SEO Salesperson

At Berbay, our account managers are all relatively young, and very capable.  They were talking recently about when they meet with prospective clients, they are often meeting with people at least a decade older than them. Sometimes, they agreed, they get the feeling these prospective clients are thinking, “My kids are this age” or, “This person is just a kid; how can they know what my business needs?” After some conversation, these prospects generally realize that regardless of their age, our account managers do indeed know what they’re talking about. But first, they have to overcome their preconceived notions about the relationship between age and expertise.

Describing our younger professionals’ challenge, someone in our office said, “It’s really the same as if a 75-year-old walked into our office selling search optimization or social media services.  Would you buy services like those from a senior citizen?” What a thought-provoking example!  Our account managers know professional services marketing; their age has no bearing on the issue. So, why shouldn’t an older person know search engine optimization?

Tell me: Would you buy SEO services from a 75-year-old?

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