Technology Editors Reveal Best PR Practices to Implement

The PRSA “A Tech PR Trifecta” webinar moderated by Affect President Sandra Fathi was held on January 28, 2016. The webinar was specifically tailored to reveal key factors of how to win the hearts and minds of reporters to get more ink in their magazine. Three of the most influential technology editors from Fast Company, 2D Net and The Next Web discuss key factors of the best practices of how to build great relationships with tech journalists, understand current media trends and secure top feature placements for your clients.

Building Relationships

When it comes to working with journalists, it is important to develop a relationship with the writers using a non-aggressive approach. The panel revealed successful tactics to implement when you are trying to build a successful relationship with them. The editors are prone to being more open in creating a relationship with you at networking events because it’s easier for them to build a connection with you by putting a face to a name.

Understand Current Media Trends

The last thing you want to do is to pitch your story to the wrong editor. By understanding who to specifically contact when submitting your pitch, you will have a higher chance of getting your submissions looked at. The editor in chief is the person who most likely will make the decision, but you still need to know about the other editors you are pitching to by being educated about the content of their publications, previous editorials and targeted audiences.

The Pitch

When it all boils down to the best practices to implement in order to secure the top feature placements for your clients, there are key elements you must factor in on “The Perfect Pitch.” When pitching your item to the editors, you must get to the point, be very clear about who and what you are pitching and, if it’s a product, include an image to catch their eye.

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