Talk About Timing

In the professional services industry – law, real estate, finance, etc. – timing can be everything.

I received a call from a website vendor that we used several weeks earlier to enhance our firm’s mobile website. He reminded me that we had used their firm before, and he was just checking in to see if we needed anything else.

The stars must have aligned because on that same day, we were notified of a problem with our mobile site and needed it fixed immediately. We had a request in to the website hosting company that we use, but they were not responsive. Luckily, the website vendor was able to assist us and tend to our current mobile site issues.

This served as a great reminder that timing really is everything. Had the website vendor not called to follow up, he likely wouldn’t have secured our business. Whether it’s through a phone call, email or newsletter, check in with your former clients on a regular basis. You never know when there might be a need for your services.

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