Take Charge of Your Online Presence

Social media and the online world in general have many professional services firms worried…but why? With so many benefits of social media, it’s crucial for professionals to take control of their online presence, and make it work for them.

A law firm client we recently worked with was completely averse to having a LinkedIn profile, but when we explained and demonstrated the benefits, they were surprised and eager to jump in and learn more about what LinkedIn had to offer.

In today’s world, your online “footprint” plays a role in your success. Below are a few tips to boost your online platform:

Claim What’s Yours – There are numerous free online review websites where you more likely already have a profile without your knowledge. For example, Avvo is an online database that helps consumers connect with attorneys. As a licensed attorney in California, you automatically have a profile that is updated to the fullest extent based on available information. It’s up to the attorney to claim and make further updates their profile.

Update, Update, Update – With so many social media sites, it’s important to maintain all of them on a consistent basis. For example, if you update your bio on your firm’s website, be sure to also update on your LinkedIn profile. Oftentimes, someone will visit your LinkedIn profile rather than your website bio, so you want to ensure that both are conveying the correct message.

Google Who? – Professionals are encouraged to Google themselves and also set Google Alerts so that when something new is published about you, you will receive a notification. When looking at your Google search results, remember that this is what potential clients will see. It is up to you to monitor what’s there.

The online world is evolving at a pace that can be hard to keep up with. By embracing your presence head-on and taking control of what others see, professionals will be more comfortable with adapting to the ever-changing online world.

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