How to Sustain an Audience in Business

Sure, attending a business conference or exhibiting at a forum here and there is fine, but the power in attending these events comes from consistency. From having been a sponsor of the Greater Los Angeles Association of Legal Administrators’ Employment Law Forum for several years, it is safe to say that Berbay has created a lasting impression on its target audience.

In an exhibitor hall filled with legal administrators from law firms all over Southern California, we ran into several friendly faces, including current and former clients throughout the market, who greeted us with phrases such as, “It’s good to see Berbay here again,” and “We receive your newsletters – thanks for the marketing tips.” By consistently staying in front of this particular audience, we’ve obtained significant leads and several clients, and made a name for ourselves in the legal administrative world.

Consistency is key and an essential part of our plan. Whether it is attending the same conference year after year, sending out monthly newsletters, or even just networking within the same organization, the power in these business development efforts is staying in front of your markets. Start building a strong presence for your professional services firm now, and reap the benefits years down the road.

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